Footstep 5 - Becoming Emotional Intelligent

The aim of  this  module is simply to be able to recognise and  have greater understanding of the emotional world.

The influence of emotions within lives is identified as well as their place in causing unbalance, often by driving uncontrollable emotional behaviours or by the suppressing of emotions  that can cause over cautious and irrational behaviour. Lack of understanding of emotions and inability to control them damages confidence levels as well as influencing relationships on all levels.

This workshop is aimed at achieving emotional balance by exploring earlier emotional growth and development. A deeper understanding is gained as to why a person is the way they are , which in turn helps to initiate changes. The significance of emotions is learnt as well as a gain in understanding the important messages behind each emotion. By the end of this workshop delegates are empowered by, rather than disempowered by emotions

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