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How Can Red Road Help in the Public Sector?
Red Road PD has recently enjoyed increasing success with the Footsteps development programme working with public sector partners as well as organisations within the third sector.

The work that is facilitated by Red Road PD within the public sector is consistently value for money and has true social return on investment. With the ever increasing need to provide services (that work) for ever decreasing resources, investing in a cost effective product that can change communities should be considered to be of primary importance to key policy and decision makers.

Red Road PD will work with organisations in order to produce  win win situations, so that maximum impact can be made from a realistic investment.
Now is the time to look for new, innovative solutions to old, engrained social issues and challenges. Red Road PD is committed to making the difference in working in partnership with those organisations that have the vision of positive change, positive development and positive outcomes.

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"As a Council we facing a number of major budget pressures, including the Government's
Revenue Support Grant, which has fallen well below inflation.

To overcome these issues and continue to deliver a high quality service, it is
vital that we explore new and innovative ways of working."

(a local government councillor 2009)

Footsteps 1-10
1. Developing Self Belief & Embracing
2. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
3. Developing a True Confidence Part 1
4. Developing a True Confidence Part 2
5. Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
6. Assertive Communication
7. Understanding & Dropping Control Issues
8. Learning to let go
9. Managing Stress
10. Steps to Continuing Personal Development and Well being
Through consultation Red Road can guide you in the choice of the appropriate programme to meet your requirement
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