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Gina Holt – Specialist Arts Coordinator
The Elton High School
I found the Red Road Footsteps programme a tremendous help in learning for myself. Through positive thinking skills and emotional intelligence I have been able to empathise and understand behavioural patterns more clearly and have adopted a more positive approach when interacting with staff and pupils.

Pat Taylor – Employment Officer
Rochdale Borough Council
The Footsteps workshops gave me great confidence and I have developed a strong positive mental attitude to challenges and change, which has enabled me to respect my own choices in life. I achieved great piece of mind and freedom to be me.

E Westhead – Care Advisor
In my life I more people from all walks of life and at all levels. Due to taking part in Footsteps I am aa more confident person and am able to conduct myself in a more positive way. I am able to put into practice the issues discussed within the workshops. I feel I perform my duties much better now than I did twelve months ago.

Samina Ul-Haq – Council Project Coordinator
The Rochdale Partnership
The Footsteps Programme is the foundation upon which to run any enterprise. The impact upon individuals, upon results within an enterprise be it public or private and upon the community at large would be tremendous.

Nicky Morgan – Company Director
I’ve been on so many courses that “talk at you” and not to you – until now! The Footsteps programme is so unique – the focus is about ME, MY LIFE and how I manage it.
I can honestly say that since attending the programme and putting into practice the skills and techniques I’ve adopted, outlook on life is more far more positive and more confident.


Footsteps 1-10
1. Developing Self Belief & Embracing
2. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
3. Developing a True Confidence Part 1
4. Developing a True Confidence Part 2
5. Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
6. Assertive Communication
7. Understanding & Dropping Control Issues
8. Learning to let go
9. Managing Stress
10. Steps to Continuing Personal Development and Well being
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