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About Us

Red Road PD was established in 1999 and began initially by working with local organisations running staff skills courses. Over time they then developed the Red Road Personal Development Programmes, leading them to run public courses delivering these developmental skills.
They also worked within a number of job creation schemes - helping to build confidence for the unemployed. Red Road now enjoys increased success, particularly in the workplace setting, where companies use the Footsteps development programme to focus on coaching and facilitating people to learn and develop their individual personal skills.

Red Road has moved away from the traditional work based 'training' model. Although originally developed to help build self-belief and inner confidence the success in this area has led to the techniques becoming invaluable to helping businesses and organisations improve the emotional health of their employees - consequentially leading to undoubted improvements in productivity and results, through ensuring the interests of their people are aligned to meet current business objectives & increasing their potential to achieve more ambitious targets.

Working With Red Road

The Red Road Footsteps development programmes have been successfully utilised within the corporate environment, rural retreat settings, therapy groups, community based projects, local authority & job creation schemes, the health service and those helping the unemployed work towards re-employment, as well as behavioural change.

Importantly Red Road's Footsteps programmes compliment a wide variety of central government priorities in such fields as reducing reoffending, social regeneration and narrowing the gap in the social divide within community strategies.

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Footsteps 1-10
1. Developing Self Belief & Embracing
2. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
3. Developing a True Confidence Part 1
4. Developing a True Confidence Part 2
5. Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
6. Assertive Communication
7. Understanding & Dropping Control Issues
8. Learning to let go
9. Managing Stress
10. Steps to Continuing Personal Development and Well being
Through consultation Red Road can guide you in the choice of the appropriate programme to meet your requirement
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