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The Red Road Footsteps modules are extremely versatile in that they can be used to tailor-make a programme to suit the needs of any particular group, company or team.

An appropriate development programme can be created either by the choice of a full module, or the selection of parts of a module.
Each module has complete guidance to help the trainer deliver an effective and rewarding session.

How the Footsteps can work for you

Each of the modules in the Red Road Footsteps programmes covers aspects of development, allowing an individual luxury time to explore where in life they currently are and then could be if they should so choose. The approach is one of simplicity and flexibility

Each Footstep module works as an individual one-off workshop or as part of the full development programme, there is a Footstep solution to every challenge for both individuals and organisations.

The programmes are about permanent, meaningful change that improves the quality of life of each individual as well as meeting organisational priorities.

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Footsteps 1-10
1. Developing Self Belief & Embracing
2. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
3. Developing a True Confidence Part 1
4. Developing a True Confidence Part 2
5. Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
6. Assertive Communication
7. Understanding & Dropping Control Issues
8. Learning to let go
9. Managing Stress
10. Steps to Continuing Personal Development and Well being
Through consultation Red Road can guide you in the choice of the appropriate programme to meet your requirement
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