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What We Do
Red Road PD provides the training resources to enable companies and organisations to benefit from high impact, cost effective training programmes. Individuals or organisations can also take advantage of specific, accredited training programmes that are held throughout the year, facilitated by a trained Red Road assessor.
These training resources come within a package purchased under a license agreement with full support before, during and after purchase. Working in partnership with organisations to create bespoke programmes after in depth needs analysis, Red Road PD takes great care in ensuring that all stakeholders are completely satisfied with aspects of the process.

The packages within the license agreements are negotiable dependent on customer need as well as recognising that no two organisations or individuals are the same although basic license terms are provided so that typical inclusions and terms can be seen.

Red Road PD is committed to providing the best service possible and making the greatest difference in improving outcomes, managing change and uncertainty as well as improving performance for both individuals as well as organisations.

Purchasing of a License

Red Road PD’s primary business function is the sale of license packages for organisations in all business sectors. Red Road provides resources in personal development, inner leadership and change management not at surface level but getting right into the root causes of challenges in order to reframe the future as well as developing a bespoke support package around individual need.

Once the initial investment has been made it is a set of resources that can be used in multiple circumstances and has been proven to provide sustainable, measureable benefits and outcomes for those who work with and engage with the process. Red Road PD will support all organisations to fully embed the processes and programmes within their business with this peer support continuing for as long as is needed.

Red Road PD prides itself on being able to complement existing strategies and priorities as well as being able to be a standalone product. We are innovative and flexible enough to provide solutions and direction no matter what the challenge and will work in partnership with any organisation.

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Courses for Individual Professionals

Red Road also facilitate accredited courses for individuals and interested organisations throughout the year. Instead of the purchasing of a license agreement this incorporates a one off fixed fee made payable at the beginning of a training programme. This includes all training materials, full support, guidance and all accreditation costs.

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Footsteps 1-10
1. Developing Self Belief & Embracing
2. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
3. Developing a True Confidence Part 1
4. Developing a True Confidence Part 2
5. Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
6. Assertive Communication
7. Understanding & Dropping Control Issues
8. Learning to let go
9. Managing Stress
10. Steps to Continuing Personal Development and Well being
Through consultation Red Road can guide you in the choice of the appropriate programme to meet your requirement
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